Saturday, June 25, 2016

VSTO general installer error 8007007E

If you are getting a "VSTO general installer error" with an error code of 0x8007007E while trying to install A VSTO Office add-in a possible reason is absence of the VSTO runtime.

Download the VSTO Runtime here:

Obviously, you need to make sure your deployment VSTO installer detects/installs the VSTO Runtime before trying to install the add-in or you may have this issue popping up here and there throughout your installation base.


  1. we have made vsto components for 2010 as a pre requisite , but it is not installing vsto components as the part of our addin installation

  2. Hi Venkat,

    this is a bug with certain VS versions/setups. Basically you need to rebuild your VSTOR bootstrapper by following the instructions in the 2014 update section on this blog page:

    This fixed it for me on Visual Studio 2015 and the ClickOnce installer for my Office add-in now automatically downloads VSTOR from Microsoft and installs it before the add-in itself is installed.

    Good luck!

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