Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Privoxy RegExs and OpenWRT

Do not assume that just because your Privoxy filters are working on regular Windows/Linux they will keep working on Privoxy for OpenWrt. Limited memory resources can cause certain involved/long RegEx patterns to exhaust it and cause Privoxy and/or OpenWrt crashes. Also, is you are using the "@" character instead of the usual "|" as delimiter in Perl style text substitution regexs do revert back to "|" as "@" is not supported and will also cause Privoxy and even OpenWrt to crash.

If you are doing script injection prefer to inject it through a secondary minimal boot-strap script (that creates a SCRIPT element in the document's DOM and adds the main script as SRC - the script source being served by some URL) rather than injecting it directly through your Privoxy filter configuration file.

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